Anger over plan to remove tree council says is a ‘risk’

Keelby tree
Keelby tree

A council’s decision to chop down a tree over ‘health and safety’ fears has annoyed residents who say it has not caused an accident in more than 30 years.

Keelby Parish Council wants to remove a Hawthorn tree between the village green and the entrance to Wivell Drive.

The council says children climb the tree and there is a “real danger” of an accident happening.

But annoyed villagers say there is no need to remove the entire tree - just one offending branch that is hanging quite low.

Brightening Keelby campaigner John Hodson said: “To our knowledge there have been no accidents in over 30 years it has been there.

“There have been quite a few accidents at the play area nearby.

“Does every tree in Lincolnshire need to be removed in case children climb.”

Parish councillors voted to spend £895 to remove the tree “urgently” but has since decided the work will not be done until the autumn.

Mr Hodson and another Brightening Keelby campaigner, Margaret Moorcroft, are furious there has been no consultation with residents before the decision was made.

Mr Hodson has even offered to remove any offending branches himself but he says this was turned down by the council.

Keelby Parish Council’s vice chairman Coun Geoff Hirst said: “People always have the opportunity to object until the thing has actually happened.”

He added: “My understanding is that children have been seen to climb the tree and therefore there is a risk of accidents happening.

“This has to be taken into consideration.”