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Ancholme River EMN-140926-081017001

Anglers fishing locally are being reminded they need a licence to fish both on the Ancholme and at local ponds.

Scunthorpe and District Angling Club holds the lease to the local fishing rights.

While a national rod licence, once obtained, covers the whole of the UK, bailiffs check the fishing localities on and adjacent to the Ancholme and issue day tickets to fishermen.

Speaking at the group’s autumn meeting in Glanford Boat Club, Bob Cross of the District Angling Association said: “Anyone fishing with a rod and line needs a licence and a day ticket.

“A year book is issued by the Environment Agency and that and a licence can be obtained at local post offices, costing £25 for adults with senior concessions at £18. Under 12 obtain licences free.”

Also at the meeting, Sgt Howard Garlick reported Humberside Police had dealt with several crimes affecting the river and boats during the summer months.

And in response to the theft from boats in the area, two arrests had been made.

One male was arrested in connection with two separate thefts from one boat at Brigg, with property recovered and returned to the owner.

In addition, police officers in kayaks were deployed to investigate intelligence on the possibility of further offenders and the existence of a boat to carry out the thefts.

Nothing was found but the police would welcome any information on the 101 number.

They are also receiving reports fish are being stolen from rivers and fishing ponds.

Numerous reports of youths swimming in the river had been received.

Sgt Garlick stated there were limitations as to what the police could do and also what it is proportionate to do.

For older teenagers swimming in the river, not trespassing and not causing associated issues such as litter or excessive noise, the police response may be to leave them at the location, but clearly this will not always be the case where there is obvious danger.

There had also been a complaint about people urinating on others at Brandy Wharf. This was duly noted, as was a similar isolated incident at Horkstow Bridge.