‘Emergency’ calls keep police switchboard busy

You may think that 999 is only dialled in dire emergencies, but the public has been given a new insight into some of the calls Lincolnshire Police receive... which include petty squabbles over car parking spaces.

For the first time Lincolnshire Police has released details of every single incident reported over a 24-hour period.

As well as the normal emergency calls about missing persons, road traffic collisions and sudden deaths, there are numerous reports of people throwing snowballs and, come night-time, the phone lines are flooded with reports of drunkenness and violence in town centres across our county.

What is even more surprising, however, is some of the trivial matters members of the public report to the police, including a woman who said someone had parked a car in “her space” and that a cat had been run over.

The aim of the new report, detailing 459 incidents in 24 hours, is to give the public a snapshot of the type and sheer quantity of issues officers deal with every day.

Chief Constable Richard Crompton said: “The 500 or so incidents dealt with by the force over this 24-hour period just shows the variety of issues we deal with on a daily basis.

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