We’re on the up

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Caistor Yarborough Academy is ‘improving’ - according to a report by Ofsted inspectors which has been welcomed by Head Jeremy Newnham.

“We are very pleased with the letter and feedback from the Inspector,” said Mr Newnham.

“This, alongside record results, shows we are going from strength to strength.”

After an Ofsted inspection in February, the academy was asked to improve students’ behaviour, improve teaching so that 75 per cent was good or better by December, and improve leadership and management, including governance.

Now following the monitoring visit, Ofsted inspector Trevor Riddiough has said in a letter: “I am of the opinion that at this time the academy is making satisfactory progress in addressing the issues for improvement and in raising the students’ achievement.”

The report added that observations during the visit and the academy’s own records confirmed that students’ progress in lessons has ‘considerably improved’ since February.

“The academy now has effective tracking systems which quickly identify any student at risk of underperforming” the letter added.

The inspector went on to say, there is however still work to be done.

“While the governing body has received 
additional training and has 
developed its committee structure, it does not provide enough challenge or effectively hold the 
academy to account for its performance or evaluate the impact of improvements on students’ progress,” said Mr Riddiough.

However, Mr Newnham is pleased with the progress being made.

“I am really pleased that the hard work, training and 
learning community work has had such a positive impact,” he said.

“We have made a number of new appointments this year and we now have a very strong teaching staff - 92 per cent of the lessons inspected during the visit were judged to be good or outstanding.

“We have exceeded the targets set by Ofsted – two months ahead of the deadline.”