Tulip tales at Yarborough

Tulip tales at Yarborough
Tulip tales at Yarborough

BTEC acting students at Caistor Yarborough Academy took to the stage to perform their second scripted performance for Year 11 BTEC Performing Arts.

Following their success at Hull Truck Theatre, actors performed at school in front of the year 8 students.

The Tulip Touch, a play by Anne Fine, tells the story of Tulip, a manipulative girl who has a massive impact on everyone she meets.

As the play progresses, and more is learned about her home life, more is understood about why she behaves the way she does.

Once again all 22 students on the course took part, this time with some also taking on production roles, such as sound, lighting and stage management.

The play was very different from the larger than life fantasy world they created for ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but was equally absorbing and had a real message about how we should not be judging other people until we know all the facts.

The students are now looking forward to their final performance in April - a devised piece based upon the workings of the brain.

It should be the final celebration and climax of two years hard work from this group. (Lin)