Truly tropical tarantula experience

A truly tropical tarantula experience EMN-160607-172023001
A truly tropical tarantula experience EMN-160607-172023001

Students from Years eight and nine at Caistor Yarborough Academy were able to experience some real life rainforest creatures in school.

Geography teacher Mrs Turgoose organised the day where a ranger with the animal-handling experience Zoolab came along and showed the children some weird and wonderful exotic creatures.

They included a giant African land snail, a cockroach, a giant African millipede, a tarantula spider and a snake called Sophie.

The ranger taught students about the environment in which the creatures live and the roles they play in such a fragile environment.

“The information the ranger has given the students complements the curriculum and the students always remember this lesson,” said Mrs Turgoose.

“The day has been fantastic.”

The students were intrigued was they were able to get up close to the creatures and clearly enjoyed the time spent with them.

“I have learnt a lot today by being able to actually see and touch the creatures,” said one pupil.

“It has been really good fun, and the snake felt really strange.”