“Tremendous” results at Caistor Grammar School

RESULTS achieved by students at Caistor Grammar School this year have been described as “among the best ever in the school’s distinguished history,” by headmaster Roger Hale.

“With these results, Caistor Grammar School will retain its position as one of the leading schools nationally as well as being well placed to top Lincolnshire’s league tables,” said Mr Hale.

“We expect to be recorded as achieving 1063.2 per candidate in the tables - which is the one of the best totals ever achieved by the School.”

The highlights include the average point score per candidate of 34.2 and an average point score per entry of 7.6, with the total grades at A*- B, excluding General Studies, standing at 75.3 per cent.

Every student gained at last three passes, with two thirds of students gaining at least one A grade, one third achieving three As or better and nine students gaining all As or A*s.

The new A* grade is much in evidence in this year’s results too, with 12.3 per cent of the grades, excluding General Studies, being at A*.

And three candidates achieved three A* - Andrew Coker, who also got 2 As, Magdalena Pekacka and Ingrid Walker.

Five students achieved 2A* - Jordan Carlton, who also got 3As, and Robert Dunn, Kaitlin Mapplethorpe, Christian Rowlands and Abigail Walkington who all got 2 As.

“These results will allow our students to go on to very prestigious courses at excellent universities,” added Mr Hale.

These include Andrew Coker, who hopes to read Mathematics at Emmanuel College, Cambridge; Christian Rowlands to read Law at Christ’s College, Cambridge; Ingrid Walker to read Law at Newnham College, Cambridge; Grace Holland, to read Classics at Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Two students will be studying medicine as a result of their success this year - Jordan Duckitt at Edinburgh University and Magdalena Pekacka in Marseilles.