Stepping out to experience sounds

Market Rasen preschool on their listening walk EMN-160127-105100001
Market Rasen preschool on their listening walk EMN-160127-105100001

Children and staff at Market Rasen Pre School have set themselves a ‘walk a week’ challenge, which sees the two to four-year-olds getting out and about to learn more about their surroundings.

The fun started as they donned “listening ears” to explore the town as part if their latest project topic.

The children are learning about the senses, and the listening ears were made into hats to wear as they looked into how we hear.

“Their listening ears on hats engaged the children into listening to the world around them, which we believe is a vital stage of development,” said manager Sally Jacklin.

“This promotes and enhances their understanding of the world and what’s going on in their local community.

“We discovered many sounds which we talked about, which has been great for expanding children’s language.

“We heard a range of sounds from transport, to animals, ice and grit, talking, pedestrian crossings and the shuffling of our feet.”

Next on the list of walks for the little ones will be one to look at the sense of sight.

The group will then move on to explore the senses of touch, taste and smell through visits to a range of local shops.

“We are excited to carry on and ensure all of our outings are as exciting and fun as this one has been for all the children,” added Mrs Jacklin.

Market Rasen Pre School is in the town’s Kilnwell Road.

For more information visit their website.