School merger would be “great shame”

Anxious parents and pupils have spoken of their concern after the shock announcement both of Caistor’s secondary schools are ‘vulnerable’.

Caistor Grammar School and Caistor Yarborough Academy have been put on Lincolnshire County Council’s list of small schools that are vulnerable following a major government funding overhaul, raising questions of a possible merger.

On Twitter, Stu McErlain-Naylor, said: “Is this some kind of sick joke?!”

Mail reader Matthew Head, said: “An early sign of the bloodbath to come for rural schools as a result of the predicted funding changes in education.”

One parent said: “I have one child at each school. They are different schools for different sorts of pupils. The merging of the two would do neither school any good.”

A Yarborough Academy parent, who has children on target for A* grades, said: “If it does happen it will obviously be for the benefit of all. How is that a bad thing?”

An ex-CGS pupil said Yarborough Academy would “certainly benefit” from a merger.

A current CGS pupil said: “Merging the two schools would be disastrous.”

Commenting on the CGS headteacher’s view that a merger would be “Armageddon”, one resident said: “This is a slap in the face for the hard working pupils of Yarborough school.”

A former Yarborough pupil said lesson sharing between the two schools did not work in the 80s and added: “Merge the schools and Caistor will die.”