Room for improvement at Middle Rasen Nursery School

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The inspectors visited in September and issued a 3-rating, a downgrade on the 2 or ‘good’ it received after their previous visit in 2010.

“The manager has a good overview of the nursery’s strengths and weaknesses, which has enabled her to identify what needs to be done to improve the position.

Staff have a clear understanding of child protection and reporting procedures to be followed if they have concerns about a child in their care. This means that children are kept safe. An effective key-person is in place, therefore, children are confident and settle into nursery well,” the report said.

But the nursery was not good because “the assessment of children’s speech and language is not accurate, which means children’s development needs are not well planned for. Older children are not always supported to learn to respect resources, as they are not encouraged to tidy them away after use, and this has a negative impact on the quality of the learning environment.

“Staff interactions are not always effective in ensuring children’s learning and development is supported effectively and safety messages are not consistently delivered.”

The 25-year-old nursery is sited in a separate building in the grounds of Middle Rasen County Primary School. Run by a voluntary committee, it has 45 children and six staff. “Children enjoy their time at the nursery and they are supported through warm and caring interactions with staff. In the baby room, staff sit on the floor and make lots of eye contact with the babies. They have lots of cuddles as they share books, sing songs and explore their environment,” Ofsted also said.

The school did not comment on the Ofsted report by the time we went to press.