RE teacher banned for misconduct


A Brigg teacher has been struck off after referring to pupils in a derogatory way including referring to students with learning difficulties as “wierdos”, a misconduct hearing has heard

Vasim Shabir, 33, who taught religious education at the Vale Academy between October 2011 and November 2012, has been banned from teaching indefinitely.

A panel, sitting in Coventry on February 22, ruled Mr Shabir had “an overall disregard and lack of respect for women” and was guilty of ‘unacceptable’ professional conduct.

He was reported to have explained to boys in the classroom how to have more than one girlfriend and get away with it and talking about how he had more than one girlfriend whom he would communicate with by different mobile phones.

Mr Shabir was not at the hearing but was said to have denied the allegations against him.

The panel’s ruling stated: “The matters that have been found proven by the panel in this case are serious ones.

“Mr Shabir disregarded the policies and practices of the school and the wider profession.

“He sought to influence pupils who were asked to provide an account of events in an investigation into his conduct.

“He acted in a manner which was derogatory towards girls.

“He used language which was unacceptable and inappropriate in the classroom, and used his mobile phone in the face of clear instructions not to and in breach of school policy.

“He also behaved in an intimidating manner in dealing with a member of staff.”

Mr Shabir has 28 days to appeal to the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court.