Pre-School praised but languages an issue


Market Rasen Pre-School has been rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted, though matters over non-native English-speaking children have been raised.

Ofsted visited the school in May and reported good quality teaching, with staff secure in their knowledge and understanding. Children are also cared for in a safe environment. The pre-school also showed “excellent strategies to engage parents in their child’s learning”. The pre-school is “led and managed effectively,” it said.

“Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities are supported well, as staff work closely with parents and other professionals such as a paediatrician and an educational psychologist,” the report continued.

“Children who speak English as an additional language are confident and settle well in the pre-school because they are mainly supported. For example, staff consistently use gestures to communicate with all the children. However, there is scope to explain to parents the benefits of providing key words in their child’s home language to build on this even further, to extend children’s spoken English in meaningful ways.”