Parents in £1,000pa school bus fares battle

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Campaigners are calling on Lincolnshire County Council to review its school bus fares policy, claiming some parents are paying over £1,000 a year for each child, to get their kids to school.

Claire Simmonds of Newark said parents in her area are paying ‘thousands’ in bus fares and this is being repeated in other parts of the county.

The campaign originally focussed on transport to grammar schools, but has been widened to include the costs of taking kids to comprehensives and secondary moderns.

She is calling on parents in the Rasen area to contact her to see if the same is true here, especially as Rasen is close to grammars at Gainsborough, Caistor and Louth.

“We are not asking for more money, just a full analysis of how best it can be spent,” she said.

So far, 400 people have backed her petition calling for such a review.

Claire can be contacted on 07904 176475 and via a Lincolnshire School Transport page on Facebook.