Osgodby Primary School in UK first on cyber-security

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Osgodby Primary School is the first in Britain to reach the government’s Cyber Essentials standard.

This means the school can demonstrate it has clear controls to reduce the likelihood of internet-based threats and can show external bodies and suppliers it is taking essential precautions against them.

Cyber Essentials is the latest example of the school’s proficiency in information technology. Last year, pupils attended a cyber-security boot camp and also joined a free cyber-security information sharing partnership (CiSP), which is managed by the CERT-UK government agency.

“All our children are very proficient in using ICT in all forms,” said headteacher Jill Fincham.

“Safeguarding is therefore vitally important to all of us within the school and through the work that the children have done as a result of our activities and membership of the CiSP we’ve been able to develop a mature attitude to working online. We’ve been able to work with parents and provide them with information that has helped develop their understanding too,” she told the Rasen Mail.

In addition to Cyber Essentials certification, Osgodby has achieved another milestone by meeting the needs of the IASME standard. The IASME standard, based on international practice, is risk based and includes aspects of physical security, staff awareness and data backup.

School senior administrator Sarah Greig said she thought Cyber Essentials would be hard to achieve but the school was supported through the process. It used SJG Digital of Market Rasen.

SJG Digital managing director Stuart Green said that as a father of two young boys who use the internet, it is important they are protected and schools know how to work online safely.

Stuart added his company is helping other organisations reach the Cyber Essentials standard, including Lincolnshire Police. Recently, three organisations in the East Midlands lost £1.1 million between them, when hackers were able to gain access to their online bank accounts.

Cyber Essentials certification provides insurance cover for cyber-liability and will pay out in such events.

“We are getting busier and busier,” Staurt added.