Open doors at Rainbow Pre-school

RAINBOW Pre-school held a successful open morning recently, where visitors had the opportunity to meet the new management team, led by Jane Heseltine.

Jane, along with deputies Lou Tinker and Amy Merrikins, have made considerable changes and developments to Rainbow and the service it provides the children and families who use it.

A registered charity, Rainbow offers childcare to children aged between two and four years of age in a fun and educational environment, where they have the opportunity to make friends and learn through play.

During the summer, Rainbow was very fortunate to receive a donation of £1,000 from the Co-operative Society, which was celebrating its 150th birthday, and the money was used to purchase art resources and messy play equipment.

“We were delighted to receive this donation in these very hard economic times as small charities such as Rainbow find it increasingly difficult to raise the necessary funds to operate,” said Jane.

“Many thanks go to the Co-op and also to Caistor and District Lions Club for its continued support and for the donation, which bought new blinds and a vacuum cleaner.”