Ofsted report finds Brigg school in need of some improvement

Linda Hewlett-Parker, Head Teacher at Sir John Nelthorpe School
Linda Hewlett-Parker, Head Teacher at Sir John Nelthorpe School

Sir John Nelthorpe School in Brigg had the best GCSE results in North Lincolnshire in August, but when Ofsted Inspectors visited last month they gave it the second lowest grade - 3 on a 4 point scale.

The school was described in the summary at the start of the report as “a school that requires improvement.”

And while the achievement of pupils, quality of teaching and behaviour and safety were marked as good (2), the overall grading was satisfactory (3).

Leadership and management, the school was told, needed improvement, with the Governors described as “not rigorous in fulfilling their statutory responsibilities and ensuring they have an accurate and realistic understanding of how well students are doing.”

The school required improvement, according to the report, because “there isn’t enough outstanding teaching, expectations of some teachers are not always high enough to motivate and challenge; too much copying and mundane tasks contribute to a few students making slower progress than those of their peers.”

The sixth form, Ofsted said, required improvement because student achievements had declined since the previous inspection and, together with Key Stage 3, was identified as areas where teaching requires improvement.

Strengths of the school included well behaved students, who show respect for each other and adults and that students in Key Stage 3 achieve well and obtain standards higher than that seen nationally.

Ofsted added: “In many levels students are provided with imaginative, stimulating and challenging activities.”

Full report at: www.ofsted.gov.uk