Nursery ‘making improvements’

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Middle Rasen Nursery School staff say they are already working on improving standards, following mixed reviews in the latest Ofsted report.

The government school inspectors gave the school a ‘3’, meaning ‘improvements are required,’ a drop on the 2 or ‘good’ rating earned in 2010. The school says it is working with West Lindsey District Council’s Birth to Five service and further training and monitoring procedures have started.

“Our inspection was very positive for all the staff and management with the areas for development being ones that have already been identified by the management and committee and the inspector commented on the overwhelmingly positive support voiced by the parents,” nursery manager Sam Bryan said.

“Although we are disappointed with the final outcome, the inspector made many very positive comments at the final meeting that there are lots of great things that happen at the nursery and that the changes that need to be made are easy ones to make. In addition to the feedback from the parents, she also commented on the happiness and polite, friendly nature of the children at the nursery,” she said. “Mention was also made of the great start to the major investment in improving the facilities that has been taking place in recent months and that a clear direction and plan is in place for this to continue over the next six months.”

The 25-year-old nursery, which has 45 children and six staff, is based in the grounds of Middle Rasen Primary. It will be inspected again in around 12 months’ time.

“The inspector and ourselves believe that a good or outstanding grade will be gained at the next inspection with the recommendations and improvements in place,” Sam added.