Lights, camera, action at school

The Legsby film crew EMN-150826-113358001
The Legsby film crew EMN-150826-113358001

Work by young filmmakers at Legsby Primary School has taken them to London and been praised by actor Jim Broadbent.

The key stage two pupils have been taking part in a long running international film education scheme – Cinema, cent ans de jeunesse – created by Cinémathèque Française in Paris.

Their brief was to create a short film to represent separation, with the finished product receiving praise from on high.

Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent watched the film and said: “It’s a good story, beautifully filmed, with great acting and daring editing.”

“The Outsider” tells the story of a new girl who comes to the village and finds it very hard to make friends and looks at the difficulties she faces.

The storyline was devised by Xavier Gasper and Connor McCann, with fellow pupil Charlotte Randle taking the starring role.

“It has been really good,” said Xavier, who worked as the director. “We have had a variety of stuff to do and lots of bits before we started filming.”

The youngsters had the added excitement of travelling to London to take part in a workshop.

“It was the first time I have been there,” added Xavier.

“It was my first time on a train and on the top of a double-decker bus. It was very noisy.”

But their trip to the big city did not phase them too much, as they so impressed event organisers that they have been chosen to represent Great Britain in Paris at the international film event next year.

“It’s very exciting,” said Ben Larder, who was the main cameraman on the production. “We have to make another film now.”

The film process saw the youngsters learn a number of new skills in cinematography and film, but it has also strengthened core subjects.

“The whole process has brought a lot of benefits,” said teacher Ben Murray, who has worked on the project alongside chairman of governors Ivor Davey.

“It has totally changed their approach to literacy and their whole way of working.

“They have been storyboarding for the film and this has expanded their language – it has all become second nature to them.”

The premiere of the finished film took place at Legsby School, while the enterprising youngsters have put the film on DVD to sell. And they have not stopped there.

Like all good film producers, they have also created a director’s cut, which features their practice film and footage of their trip to London.