Legsby School maintains ‘good’ rating from inspectors

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  • “School staff and governors focus on providing the best possible education”

A village school is celebrating after again being rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted inspectors following a recent visit.

Legsby Primary School may be one of the smallest in the county, but it was praised for looking ‘beyond the locality for inspiration and enrichment activities’.

This comment particularly referred to the school’s involvement in the international film event La Cinemateque Francaise, which will see them travel to Paris later this year.

Chair of governors, Ivor Davey said of the report: “This is a brilliant result and is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the leadership, staff, and governance.

“It is also testament to the commitment of parents and carers to our thriving school community.

“The children should be thoroughly proud of their achievements as without them at the heart of our school this result would not have been possible.”

The report praised the leadership team of the school for maintaining the ‘good quality of education’ since the last inspection five years ago, in May 2011.

The report went on to say: “School staff and governors focus on providing the best possible education for the children and are ambitious for the school’s future.”

During the inspection, which was done at half a day’s noticed and lasted one day, the inspector met with the consultant headteacher, subject leaders, five governors and pupils from year 6.

Reading was seen as a continuing strength of the school and there is plenty of opportunities to practise and apply their learning in mathematics.

Pupils were also praised for their good behaviour around the school, with older pupils being protective towards younger ones and all ages playing together.

Looking to the future, the inspector gave the next steps for the school.

The report said:“Pupil’s outcomes, particularly for the most able, are improved by ensuring that the next steps in learning are clearly identified and embedded and that misconceptions or errors are identified and addressed in a timely fashion.”

Mr Davey added: “The report has provided a fantastic platform upon which to build our ambitious plans for the future.”