Learning to learn through mocks

Students opening their Mock GCSE results envelopes in the canteen. EMN-150330-085826001
Students opening their Mock GCSE results envelopes in the canteen. EMN-150330-085826001

Caistor Yarborough Academy Year 11 students gathered in the canteen to receive their Mock GCSE results.

Prior to the students opening their envelopes, they listened to a talk by Head Teacher Jeremy Newnham followed by a brief presentation from Deputy Head Teacher Pam Watson.

Parents were invited to support the children as the envelopes were handed out to the nervous students.

And there were mixed emotions, as some had done well whereas others had not yet reached their targets.

The afternoon was aimed to help students realise what little time they have before examinations begin and how they must make good use of this precious time.

The parents were asked to support the students were possible, keeping them on track with revision plans and encourage them to keep climbing. One parent said: “It was worthwhile to come and support the students as they opened their results, to be there for the outcome.”

Jordan Coupland said: “It was a nervous time. I felt relieved after I opened my envelope as I did better than I thought.

“It proves I still have to keep up with my revision so I can hit, and possibly exceed, my target grades.”

Mais Wilkinson said: ”There was a lot of pressure with everyone in the canteen; students, parents and teachers.

“When I opened my envelope everyone else wanted to know what I got. It made me realise I need to keep pushing myself.”

“Having the mock results afternoon was useful as it has raised the bar for the real exams and has given us a chance to prepare,” added Ryan Griffin.

Students were advised to create specific revision plans for the time they have left before the first exam on May 5.

Teachers were available for advice and support throughout the afternoon and into the evening and will be holding lunchtime revision sessions for all year 11 students to attend.