Kindergarten is officially ‘good’

Kindergarten pupils
Kindergarten pupils

Little ones at Caistor’s Whitegate House Kindergarten have a very big reason to smile.

Their pre-school has been rated ‘good’ by an Ofsted inspector.

The inspector, Melanie Arnold - who spoke with children and parents and watched a variety of indoor and outdoor activities - was impressed with what she saw.

She said: “The provider organises extracurricular activities like yoga bus and ballet sessions for children to engage in each term.

“This provides children with valuable additional hands-on learning experiences, promoting their skills in the prime areas for learning.”

She also praised the kindergarten for helping children to feel “settled and secure” and able to achieve their full potential.

And she went on to congratulate staff for their work with special needs and disabled children.

Her report stated: “All parents speak highly of the staff, with parents of children with additional needs confirming how staff go the ‘extra mile’ to accommodate each and every child’s individual needs.”

Whitegate House Kindergarten owner Angela Lawrence is pleased with the outcome.

Angela, who opened the nursery back in 1984, said: “We are pleased that Whitegate House Kindergarten has been recognised as a good provider of early years education across all areas.

“We were reported as providing a warm and caring environment where children have fun and thrive as they learn through play.

“At Whitegate House we continue to offer a quality service to our community which has been acknowledged in this report.”