It’s all ‘good’ for Welton pre-school


Education watchdog Ofsted has upgraded its rating for the William Farr Pre-School in Welton.

Its latest report reveals the school scored a 2 or ‘good’, in place of the 3 or ‘requires improvement’ awarded a year ago.

Ofsted said children at the school are “keen learners” who “engage in a range of interesting and stimulating activities.”

“They make good progress as teaching is good,” continued the report.

Ofsted also reported staff “support children’s safety and welfare as a priority” and “parents actively take part in their children’s learning.”

“They positively praise the pre-school staff for listening to their opinions and sharing frequent and relevant information about their child.”

“Assessment is detailed and accurate and is used effectively to monitor all Children’s progress. Gaps in learning and progress are identified quickly and early intervention is immediate and effective in supporting all children to meet their full potential.”

But Ofsted said the pre-school was not ‘outstanding’ because “staff do not always respond to children’s spontaneousness appropriately to ensure that they are able to follow a line of enquiry that is of particular interest to them.”

William Farr Pre-School is located in a mobile classroom within the grounds of St Mary’s Primary Academy and has 42 children aged 3-4. The privately-managed school employs eight staff, all of them qualified.

The team at the pre-school includes Bev Goy (leader), Sharon Rumbellow, Carol Ealam, Adele Ablott, Karen Ottewell, Lucy Speed, Alison Langley and Julie Castle.

Bev Goy said she and her staff were “thrilled” with the results of this latest inspection.

“It is a leap forward from our last inspection and it is a credit to our terrific team who are passionate and determined to do the best for the children,” she said.

“We care deeply for our children and our vision is to provide an excellent service for them and their families. We want to make a positive difference to their early lives. As well as being dedicated and focussed, we have a great deal of fun and really enjoy the job.”