Improvements made across Lincolnshire schools say Ofsted

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The annual Ofsted report has shown that Lincolnshire schools have made significant improvements around performance.

The county is now top of the class when compared to eight other regional neighbours.

The report shows that 81 per cent of primary schools and 78 per cent of secondary schools in Lincolnshire are good or outstanding - this places the county top in the region for primary and fourth for secondary.

Nationally, Lincolnshire is in the top 60 of all 150 local authorities for primary and in the top 63 for its secondary schools.

Lincolnshire has made significant improvements around primary performance in particular improving on the 66 per cent of schools which were good or outstanding last year.

Key factors in improvements have been a strong focus on teaching and learning and the strength of leadership.

Executive Councillor for Children’s Services at LCC Patricia Bradwell said: “Whilst we are pleased with the outcomes shown here and the improvements that have been made, we are ambitious and want all our schools to be good or outstanding.”