‘Good’ result for school

Kelsey School was delighted with its 'good' rating
Kelsey School was delighted with its 'good' rating

Kelsey Primary School is celebrating its second successful inspection in last 12 months.

The school has recently undergone a school review, with the report declaring the school as ‘good in all areas.’

The review looked in depth at the quality of teaching and learning across the school and was carried out at the school’s request to help prepare for an OFSTED inspection.

The school was graded as satisfactory at its last two OFSTED inspections and headteacher Magnus Smedley, who has been in post for just over one year, said he was delighted with the school review results.

“As a school we are all delighted with this inspection,” he said.

“It confirms Kelsey Primary School as a good school with excellent results.

“More importantly it lays the foundation for our move to be outstanding in all areas.

“It reflects the hard work of all the children, staff, governors and parents over the last year.”

“Coming on top of our top place in the local league tables and a letter of congratulations from the Right Honourable David Laws MP, secretary of state for schools, it shows just how good Kelsey Primary School is.”

The inspection was undertaken by a team from the School Improvement Service, including a head of service for school improvement and a professional adviser for schools.

Among the key messages in the report was the behaviour of the pupils, described as “never less than good” both in the classroom and around the school, including break times, with pupils “polite and courteous.”

The report also highlighted the “dramatic improvement” of pupils’ achievements in terms of attainment and progress over the last year, which saw the best ever end of key stage two results, which were among the highest in the county.

Mr Smedley was praised for his hard work at driving improvement forward in the school and is now developing leaders across the school.

“As a result,” said inspectors, “the quality of teaching is now good and the level of accountability introduced through the monitoring and evaluation activities regularly undertaken should ensure that this now moves to outstanding.”