‘Good’ result for ever progressing primary school

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OSGODBY School is a good school – that was the key finding of Ofsted inspectors after they visited the school recently.

The report went on to say there is ‘good progress in reading and mathematics resulting in above-average overall attainment’.

The inspection endorses the views of the overwhelming majority of parents and carers that their children make good progress. It states the ‘well-planned curriculum projects help pupils to develop skills in a range of subjects.

Disabled pupils, and those with special educational needs, receive well-focused support at the school to help them make good progress.

Teachers have high expectations for pupils’ personal and academic development and are constantly seeking different ways to help them reach their full potential.

The more-able pupils make good progress and a higher than usual reach above-average levels at the end of Year 2 and Year 6 in all subjects.

The school is not outstanding because boys’ progress in writing is not above satisfactory.

And pupils, according to the report, enjoy their learning and are keen to do well.

Headteacher Jill Fincham was praised for establishing a shared vision across the school – each child is special, with all staff being highly supportive of what the school is trying to achieve.

Pupils are fully involved in decision making and are proud of the role they played in the refurbishment to the toilets and the trim trail.

They look forward eagerly to growing fruit and vegetables to extend the healthy food partnership.

When the pupils were asked what they would improve, pupils said they wanted nothing more than a hall.