Generations together

Middle Rasen Reunion
Middle Rasen Reunion
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THERE was a time to reminisce as Middle Rasen and District Preschool held its first ever reunion.

Many faces from the past 26 years joined together to look at old photos, remind each other of how things were and to catch up on news.

“We are very pleased with how many have come along,” said Jean Pettifor, who organised the event with her colleague Pat Golby.

“We are glad we did it; its been lovely to see past pupils and parents. One lady has even come from Scotland to join us.”

Also present at the reunion were Sheila Lamming and Val Wright, the first playgroup leader and chairman when the existing playgroup was taken over as a community-run group.

A lot has changed since those early days, not least the venue.

From the first days of using the village hall, the preschool is now housed in its own building in the grounds of the primary school

The event was also used as a fundraiser, something which is ongoing to enable the group to continue to run.