Flying a flag for sports fun

Nik Forman (centre) with the delighted children waving their flags. (Lin)
Nik Forman (centre) with the delighted children waving their flags. (Lin)
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GRASBY Primary School held a four-day sports week, during which the children took part in many activities.

Local experts taught the children hockey, netball, javelin, cricket, tennis, long jump, beanbags and archery.

At the closing ceremony, certificates were awarded to two children from each class who had shown Olympic values throughout the event and the captains of the winning team were also presented with a certificate.

Nik Forman, an Olympic torch bearer and member of Cleethorpes Running Club, attended the closing ceremony and the winning children had photos taken with him while holding the torch.

The whole school ran around the field following Nik and waving flags made during the week.

After the ceremony, Nik visited each class to speak to the children and to answer questions.

Nik said: “I have been visiting schools as part of the Olympic spirit and to encourage children to become involved in sport.

“I feel very honoured to have been a torch bearer and hope children will endeavour to reach similar honours.”

Nik runs marathons to raise money for charities and the school presented him with a cheque for him to donate to his chosen charity.