Don’t miss out on primary school places

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Parents with children starting primary school in September 2013 are being urged to apply online before the deadline of 14 January.

Lincolnshire County Council has had just over 6,200 online applications for places but is expecting a further 1,000 applications.

More than 90per cent of parents have had their first preference school accepted in the past few years, which compares well with the national average.

The online application system is used by 95 per cent of parents to apply for a school place, as it’s the preferred method of choosing a school.

The web address is

The site has lots of information and links designed to help parents choose a school and parents can log on from midnight on April 16 to find out the school offered to their children.

If parents don’t have a computer, they can apply by phone on 01522 782030 or can ask for an application pack.

Coun Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “I would encourage parents to apply before the deadline of 14 January – otherwise it might be difficult for parents to get their first choice of school with strict government rules on infant class sizes.

“The online system is the easiest way to apply but we can send out paper forms on request.

“All the relevant publications are available online and parents can research schools through links to Ofsted and league tables.”

Many schools are becoming academies but the system for applying for a place hasn’t changed.

Parents must still apply to the council even if they have a child in the nursery,if they have put their child’s name on a list at the school or even if they have another child at the school.

No school can only look at applications which put it as a first preference - all offers are made by referring to the published admission policy. No school can ask parents what school they put down as first preference.