Commons clash for Sir Ed over Rasen Primary

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Education Minister Nicky Morgan denies claims from Rasen’s MP Sir Edward Leigh that Christian schools are under attack from Ofsted.

“Last week, a primary school in my constituency at Middle Rasen was marked down from “outstanding” by Ofsted for being too British,” the MP said last week.

“That follows other faith schools that have been marked down because they are falling foul of the Secretary of State’s new British values. Let us be honest: not a single traditional Catholic or Anglican school preaches intolerance in this country. When will the Secretary of State take action to ensure that we have freedom of faith in our faith schools?”

Nicky Morgan replied Middle Rasen Primary School “was marked as “good” right across all the categories on which Ofsted marks, not just on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education that the school provides to all its pupils.”

“He (Sir Ed) will also know that school standards on the requirements on schools to actively promote fundamental British values, to teach a broad and balanced curriculum and to have regard to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education given to its children, have been long in the drafting. They have, of course, come into sharper relief since the events in Birmingham.

“I agree with him that all good schools—including all faith schools, of which I am a huge supporter, and Church schools—already do a huge amount to teach their young pupils about life in modern Britain. We want all pupils to have mutual respect and tolerance for each other and for people of all faiths,” she said.