Caistor near top for ‘improving’ students

Roger Hale in class at Caistor Grammar School EMN-150120-173312001
Roger Hale in class at Caistor Grammar School EMN-150120-173312001

After topping school league tables on results, Caistor Grammar has won extra accolades for how it improves the education of children.

A government assessment of how schools benefit children, to be released this month, will show Caistor Grammar among the top 10 per cent overall, and among the top two per cent for science. The new tables are known as RaiseOnline and claim to measure the ‘value added’ delivered by a school.

“The sensational news is that for the GCSEs of 2014, Caistor Grammar was in the top 10 per cent,” said headteacher Roger Hale.

“As individuals, our students have done better at Caistor Grammar than they would have at nine out of 10 other schools,” he explained.

For history and geography, Caistor Grammar is in the top three per cent.

“Our students are doing better in history and geography than 97 per cent of schools and that is mindblowing. Our science department is in the top two per cent for value added.”

What makes such results extra special, says Mr Hale, is that Grammar School pupils tend to be brighter than average, so that makes it harder for them to improve.

“It’s fantastic news for the students and the teachers concerned. Every term, at Caistor Grammar we measure the effort and attainment of every student in the school. We then work out averages for each year group and by gender. We are able to compare them to previous years. Last term, we broke 22 records,” he said.

Such results also confirmed how the school improved the education of its students.

Mr Hale credited the commitment of its students.

“The young people who join our school have a clear idea of what they are going to get. They made a very clear choice to come to our school. Amazingly, one in four are the only student from their primary school to come to us, they are not turning up because we are the easy local school. When they get here they want to make it work. They want to make it and be successful,” he said.

“We are also blessed with a very dedicated and talented team of staff and a very able and astute board of governors.”

Last week, Minister of State for School Reform, Nick Gibb MP, praised the “exceptional” results achieved by Caistor and Gainsborough grammar schools.

“Since 2010, 100% of students attending Caistor Grammar have achieved at least five GCSEs at grades A* to C... Those schools are achieving remarkable, high-quality, high-standard academic results,” he said.