Caistor Grammar School scales new heights in outstanding GCSE performance

CAISTOR Grammar School headmaster Roger Hale has described this year’s GCSE results as “fantastic and marvellous.”

The 94 students established a new School record for the English Baccalaureate, with 82 per cent achieving it.

For the seventh year running, 100 per cent of students achieved five A*-C passes including English and Maths - the Government’s benchmark of choice.

In fact, all students achieved seven A*-C passes.

Nearly a quarter of all grades were A* and more than 60 per cent were A* or A.

Students averaged 10.9 passes each - a new school record - with 97 per cent of students gaining eight A*-C passes and 67 per cent gaining five A* or A passes, while almost 50 per cent of students gained eight or more passes at A* or A.

The average point score per candidate was 74.9 per student or well over ten A grades on average per student.

The School’s leading student was Chloe Legard with 12 A*s.

Eloise Thuey gained 11 A*s and 1 A and three students - Eilish Brown, Devon Hill and James Travis - got 10 A*s and either 1 or 2 As.

“No fewer than 16 students gained all A* or A passes in their exams” added Mr Hale.

“We expect these results will put CGS among the leading schools in the country once again.”