Caistor Grammar cleans up in latest inspection

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme ENGEMN00120130827112752
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme ENGEMN00120130827112752

Caistor Grammar School has received the best grade it could, following its latest food hygeine inspection.

The school was ‘disappointed’ last December to be awarded just 1-star out of five, which meant ‘major improvement necessary’.

School headteacher Roger Hale blamed the result on an administrative oversight with regards to paperwork caused by the illness of a staff member. He confirmed the pupils were not in any risk.

West Lindsey District Council’s food inspectors made a repeat visit on May 21 and awarded the school 4-stars or ‘good’- the best marks possible for those who previously have a one.

The Scores on the Doors website reported the school was ‘very good’ for food hygeine and safety, ‘good’ for structural compliance, but it only had ‘some’ confidence in management.

Mr Hale has welcomed the latest results, saying the administrative issues of the past had been resolved and there were never any health issues.

“We are pleased to be back in a positive situation,” he said, adding the school would next return to receiving the 5 stars it had previously received over the years.

Recent results include: Lincolnshire Montessori Caistor (5),Glebe House Residential Home, Caistor (5); Jennys at Moortown Cafe, Faldingworth (3)and Nettleton Manor Nursing Home, Nettleton, (3).