EDITOR’S COMMENT: Which politician can you really trust?

I’m getting political this week, sparked firstly by the delivery of a promotional flyer for Nick Griffin, BNP MEP.

It was pushed through my door and instead of throwing it directly in the bin, as a journalist, I decided to have a read. Well, it all looked jolly good, colourful, St George’s flags plastered across it, promises about putting Britain first and making St George’s Day a public holiday etc. It got the message across.

I’m sure all the leaflets for UKIP, Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats do a similar job. There is, of course, more to all of these parties, evident if you watched BBC Question Time, this week held in Boston.

I watched and I listened. I listened to UKIP leader Nigel Farage quote ‘facts and figures’ about the area’s immigration. Amazingly, I then listened to Conservative MP Anna Soubry give ‘facts and figures’ on the same subject that were entirely different. Labour MP Emily Thornberry then started having a go at the Conservatives ‘fabricated’ budget figures.

My point is this. After the glossy flyer and grandstanding is done and dusted, which of these career politicians are we supposed to put our trust in?

Paul Fisher - Editor