EDITOR’S COMMENT: What is the answer to UKs future energy shortages?

It’s 8.42pm on Monday November 4 and as I write this I am a defeated man, I’ve waved the white flag, I’ve given in, my other half has won - we’ve put the heating on for the first time this Autumn.

As energy prices rise this is a discussion people will be having up and down the country - to heat or not to heat? That is the question.

This topic has certainly been making the headlines recently as the ‘Big 6’ energy companies announce a price hike at the same time as record profits.

But the companies say they need it to invest in infrastructure, pay green taxes, which then goes into renewables and my friend who works for one of the ‘Big 6’ tells me they only get 4p from every £1 and his firm are making cuts.

This comes against the backdrop of conflict. Conflict over whether to embrace nuclear power. Conflict over wind farms. Conflict over how we generate enough power for our ever expanding population.

If I had the answers to all of this I would be a very rich man, sadly I don’t and I’m not, but this problem is not going away.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter, paul.fisher@jpress.co.uk

Paul Fisher - Editor