EDITOR’S COMMENT: The only offence is taking innocent lives

If it was not for the fact that I cannot draw for toffee my column this week would be in the form of a satirical cartoon.

I do not always agree with statements printed in this newspaper, or the letters readers write to me, I am sure readers do not always agree with what I write or the way we cover a certain story, but we all have freedom of speech and a free press in which to convey our opinions.

Our fathers and grandfathers went to war to protect this freedom of speech and free press and I am a vehement defender of these liberties.

Clearly what happened in Paris was shocking and a terrible act of terror.

In its wake I was disturbed to see some of the messages from the BNP which I won’t waste time bothering you with.

Instead it is noteworthy that many Islamic scholars came out to say that the biggest insult against the prophet Mohammed was not a cartoon but the taking of innocent lives.

The events of the past week do seriously raise the question again of how we protect our society in the face of extremists and how we stop the radicalisation.

Je Suis Charlie.

>Paul Fisher