EDITOR’S COMMENT: How to tell political parties apart...neckties!

2015 is here and it marks the fifth year I have been editing newspapers in Lincolnshire and also five years since the last General Election.

One of the first front pages I edited in Lincolnshire five years ago was headlined “Cuts, Cuts, Cuts” - highlighting reductions in the budgets of local councils, police and health services.

Five years on and in recent weeks we are still talking about cuts to the same sectors.

The times of austerity have been with us since 2008 and it seems they are here to stay.

This point is being argued by politicians as we gear-up for the General Election in May.

So do I think the Conservatives have made a horrendous mess of Britain over the past five years? No. They took on a poisoned chalice and I don’t think any party would have done any better.

Maybe that’s the point though. Watching Channel 4 News on Monday evening, there was little to separate the Conservative Minister from the Labour Shadow Minister - other than the colour of their tie.

So who will get your vote? The Eton school boy, the Oxford academic who dislikes his brother, the beer loving man’s man or erm ... oh yes, the Deputy Prime Minister who has been remarkably quiet. The choice is yours!

Paul Fisher