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East Barkwith News EMN-141222-154502001
East Barkwith News EMN-141222-154502001

Nine local electors and three young people attended an extended open forum before the recent parish council meeting as an appeal had been made for support from members of the public for speeding restrictions, improvements to the Play Park and a plan for extending the village hall.

It appeared the village hall project had been taken over by the council and the plan, which had been drawn by the Village Hall Committee chairman Chris Wilson, came in for criticism due to the lack of kitchen space and facilities.

The chairman of the Parish Council was absent and Chris Wilson was in the chair for the meeting when members of the village hall committee present took the opportunity to point out an improved kitchen and heating, which have been in demand for many years, were necessary.

The hall is rarely let as neighbouring premises are warmer and more user friendly.

The plan for additions to the play area included making space for skate boarding as an addition to facilities for infants and toddlers and this was supported, together with the suggestion the Parish Council purchases a Speed Indicating Device.

The new SIDs are to be purchased and operated by the community to help deter speeding through the village by re-enforcing residential speed limits as part of the Road Safety Partnership’s Speed Watch campaign.

A request for a Christmas Tree outside the village hall had again been put forward, as the small artificial tree set up in the village hall window has been criticised in recent years, but the chairman said the trees planted in the Parish Field were not big enough yet.