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East Barkwith News EMN-141106-132931001
East Barkwith News EMN-141106-132931001

Seven parishioners together with the district councillor Peter Phillipson attended the annual East and West Barkwith Parish Meeting held in the village hall with chairman of the Council Andrew Sayers in the presiding.

It was suggested that more publicity was needed to encourage people to attend as there was just one notice on the council board outside the rarely used village hall and most people had to cross the busy A158 to look and see if there was anything happening.

A notice hand delivered to each household was considered preferable as in the past when this had been done there had been a good attendance, or even a notice on the board near the village shop and post office which is easily accessible.

The Parish Meeting held on a separate evening with a speaker on a topic of general interest had also encouraged a better attendance, but a councillor again said that would mean paying for the village hall twice and expecting the nine councillors to attend on a second evening, rather than just once in alternate months as the current system allowed