East Barkwith

WI – A life-sized cuddly calf joined members of East Barkwith Women’s Institute at their monthly meeting in the village hall and generated much interest.

It also beat all the many amazing and varied entries in the competition for a cow, owner Sue Johnson being awarded the points for first place.

It proved an added attraction as Janet Key, the representative for the Send a Cow charity, talked to the members about the valued work they do.

Janet had been out to Africa, where she was able to experience the tremendous success of the project for herself, and she explained the changes that had taken place since the charity was first launched.

Animals are no longer exported, as they used to be, but instead sponsorship is encouraged for not only cows, but calves, goats, chickens and other poultry, and the manure they produce then enriches the land for growing essential food crops.

Janet was thanked for her interesting talk by Mary Jordan before supper was served and she was able to make the return journey to Melton Mowbray while members dealt with the business part of the meeting.

Yvonne Bryson, presiding, welcomed three visitors and presented a birthday posy to Jeanette Davies.

Tickets were available for the Witham Group of Women’s Institutes autumn meeting, a gardeners question time’ with the panel including well-known local gardening experts Debbie Hollingworth, Andrew Sankey and Steve Lovell, and members were informed that the group economics leader, Rosemary Howe, had also agreed to take on the duty of group convener.

HALLOWEEN – 53 excited young people, ranging in age from 18 months to early teens had lots of fun at the Halloween party in the village hall on Saturday.

They came not only from East Barkwith, but the surrounding villages too, everyone spending time getting dressed for the occasion.

The winners of the competition for the best outfit were Jessica Flack for girls and Kyle McGowan for boys.

The party was organised by Sally Ward, who decorated the hall with the help of her children, Katie, Rebecca and James, the pumpkin lanterns adding to the atmosphere.

Sally also prepared and donated the party food.

Musical games were very popular and the £53 Sally raised was donated to the village hall management committee as her contribution to its upkeep.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – PCSO Keith Briggs will be present at a public meeting at the village hall on November 14, at 8pm.

This meeting has been set up with a view to establishing a Neighbourhood Watch Group in the village and volunteers are needed to receive messages and pass them on to residents in their allocated area.

An electronic network will be considered as an alternative to the leaflet drop for those that have internet access.

All are welcome to attend and air their views.