Drought a threat despite rain

ANGLIAN Water is warning that drought still poses a very real threat to the region despite the wet weekend, and even though more rain is forecast.

With much of the region now officially in drought, the water company is reminding people of the importance of saving water.

And with spring starting to show across the region, customers are being encouraged to consider what they can do now to save water for summer, including installing water butts to collect water and choosing drought-tolerant plants for the garden.

Ciaran Nelson from Anglian Water said: “It’s going to take a lot more than a few wet days to get us back to our target position for this time of year.

“We’re dealing with the impact of two consecutive dry winters, with the months in between also suffering from below average rainfall. To recover from a situation like this will take months of persistent rain. A few wet days, while welcome, won’t do much to change the underlying situation.”