Driver walks away from crash drama

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A DRAMATIC crash on a rural road left an elderly driver trapped in a ditch after her car spun out of control – but miraculously the 84-year-old was not even slightly injured.

Eileen Lowery, from Lissington, was heading to Wragby on the B1202 when she spotted a car stopped in the middle of the road just outside Holton cum Beckering.

As Eileen got closer – and realised the car was not going to move – she swerved to miss it but it was too late.

Her blue Rover hit the car, spun across onto the other side of the road and landed backwards in a stream.

The car was damaged so badly it has been written off, yet Eileen did not even suffer a single cut or bruise.

Eileen had to wait for the emergency services to arrive from Lincoln and was eventually freed from her mangled car.

She said: “The back end of the car was in the ditch on the opposite side of the road, in the stream – it was quite a long way down, a good few feet down, you couldn’t see it from the road at all.

“I couldn’t get out, I had to wait for the fire brigade to arrive and climb out on a ladder.

“When I climbed up the ladder they (emergency services) were all standing there, they couldn’t believe I was fine.

“I guess it just wasn’t my 
time to go.”

But this traumatic experience has not put Eileen off driving - “the annoying thing is I’m now going to have to get another car, ” she said.

The accident happened just before 3pm on Monday afternoon and since then Eileen’s daughter-in-law has been to the crash site. “She said to me, ‘how you ever got out of there I’ll never know’,” said Eileen.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said they closed the B1202 after the crash at about 3pm on Monday, September 17.

The other vehicle involved in the crash was a grey Audi – the 30-year-old female driver from Wragby was not injured.

If you have any information about the crash call Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting incident 250 of September 17, 2012.