Driest year in two decades in Rasen

MARKET Rasen’s 2011 turned out to be the driest year since 1991 – and was also one of the warmest.

The month’s of March and April were also one of the driest spring months on record, with the total rainfall for the two months only 10.6mm (0.42’’).

The wettest of the summer months were July and August, with July being the wettest month of the year at 68.9mm (2.7’’).

The period from September to November brought with it a dry and warm autumn and with only 21.6mm of rainfall in November, it became the driest November in Market Rasen for at least 50 years.

The total rainfall for the year was 478.3mm (18.8’’), where the average is around 610mm.

The lowest recorded temperature for the year was minus 4.4 degrees C and the top temperature was 27.7 degrees C, recorded on September 30.

Early October brought very warm temperatures for the time of year, with 27.5 degrees C being reached on October 1.