Dozy parkers making street a ‘nightmare’

Union Street traffic problems
Union Street traffic problems
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Angry residents say they fear for the safety of pedestrians and motorists in one area of Rasen after dozy parkers made it “almost impassable.”

Despite being located next to John Street’s free public car park, and having restrictions at peak times, residents say Union Street in Market Rasen has become a “nightmare” to drive or walk down.

Nathan Barnes, who lives in Union Street, said: “The high street end of the street is a nightmare because you have people who turn into Union Street that can’t get down because of parked cars and people trying to turn out onto the main road, which then gets backed up with people looking to turn.

“Down the other end of the street by the chapel you’ve got double yellow lines, it’s silly that there is nothing the busy end to stop people parking.

“It does cause problems for pedestrians as well.

“We have got a little baby and my other half had to go out into the road with the pram to get by because of people parked up on the pavement blocking it.”

Charlotte Taylor said: “It’s the worst street in Market Rasen and no-one does anything or cares about it.”

Market Rasen residents said parked cars in Union Street also make it very difficult to cross the road at the Queen Street end when shopping, as the vehicles obstruct the pedestrians line of sight.

Kayleigh Dowse added: “I find it very difficult to cross the road near the Gift Horse with my children as you can’t see if there are any cars coming up; you have to walk out and look, which is dangerous when I have a pushchair and children walking with me.”

And Kerry-ann Horsfall said: “Crossing that road is a nightmare as some people park right up to the corner.

“Maybe they should double yellow it most of the way down.”

Enid Dowse, who lives in 
Mill Road, also contacted the Rasen Mail to complain about the level of parking at peak times outside Market Rasen Primary School.

She said: “We cannot get in or out some days as cars park across the drive at school times.”

Parking enforcement in the county is now the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council and a spokesman for the authority said its civil parking enforcement officers visited in town regularly.

He added: “We do patrol in Market Rasen quite frequently and have made 116 individual visits since September 1, which equates to about 10.5 hours of enforcement. During the same period we issued five tickets.”