Doubts surround scheme for 42 homes in Wragby


Doubts surround a scheme for 42 homes to be built on land to the north of Bridle Way in Wragby.

Although planning consent was granted to Hugh Bourn and Sons in June last year, there has been an unresolved dispute over land ownership - not helped by the fact that the deeds have been lost.

At an East Lindsey planning committee meeting last Thursday (July 14), agent Andy Hey voiced optimism that the Land Registry, which has been investigating the various claims, would find in favour of his client.

“We hope to hear from them by the end of the month,” he said.

Following a brief discussion, councillors agreed that the earlier approval decision should be rescinded unless clarification is forthcoming by the time of the September planning meeting.

“That should give the applicants enough time to come up with the goods,” commented Coun Daniel McNally.

As reported last summer, the plans include 12 detached houses, a detached bungalow, five pairs of semis, and two blocks of four houses.

There would be 19 garages, plus vehicle access and estate roads, and walls and fencing.

The plans also include a water pumping station on the site of three timber buildings, which would be demolished.

Last June, the plans were passed on to the Secretary of State for Local Government to decide upon - despite ELDC’s Planning Committee approving the scheme. The Secretary of State decided not to call in the application.

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