Don’t be ashamed if you fall for ‘Nottingham Knobblers’

PCSO Neil Harrison and Catia Freitas of trading standards
PCSO Neil Harrison and Catia Freitas of trading standards

Falling for doorstep scammers is nothing to be ashamed of, as they are callous and clever criminals, was the message given to Market Rasen pensioners last week.

Both police and trading standards officers gave a presentation at the Fletcher Court sheltered housing scheme in Market Rasen in a bid to tackle the problem of scammers.

The organisations are working together in Operation Rogue Trader, which also includes partnering with Age Concern, to give out advice to at risk groups.

“We have these days trying to raise awareness, so people know what to say when these scammers turn up on their doorstep,” said trading standards officer Catia Freitas.

“We work with police to try and trace the rogue traders and prosecute if they are not complying with the law. The problem we both face is most people do not report this. They feel silly and embarrassed, that if their family finds out, they will be put in a home, which is really sad,” Catia continued.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. These men are criminals. They are clever. We want people to report these incidents so we can take action.”

PCSO Neil Harrison confirmed elderly people who get scammed feel foolish, so they don’t report such crimes.

Thus, events are being held to put across the message across that if they are scammed, the police need to know to help them discover who is responsible.

“The talks are also preventative action, to make people aware that there are people out there who will trick people out of their money.”

One group, the “Nottingham knobblers,” will turn up in gangs of 5-6 to start selling.

“I think we have frightened them off. We arrested some of a few months ago,” he said.