Dogs get set for school

Susan McKeon with her dogs
Susan McKeon with her dogs

A NEW school is opening in South Kelsey this September – but not for children.

Teachers at this school will train puppies in basic obedience and social skills.

Puppy School North Lincolnshire, based at South Kelsey Village Hall, covers things such as ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘come back when called’ and walking on a loose lead.

Classes will be run by professional dog trainer Susan McKeon, who has been trained up by dog behaviour expert Gwen Bailey.

Susan is studying for a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training and has worked with a greyhound charity, volunteered as a dog walker with dog rescue, and worked at kennels.

Susan says classes are designed to give puppies the chance to socialise with other dogs and people.

She said: “Puppy School classes make training simple and fun. They’re a great way to help puppies build their confidence and for puppies to learn to focus on their owner, even with lots of distractions around them.

“Classes really do help lay the foundations to help puppies develop into well behaved and socialised adult dogs and family pets.”

Puppies and owners receive a Puppy School rosette and graduation certificate at the end of the course.

Puppy School North Lincolnshire opens on Monday, September 12. For more information call Susan on 07792 279279 or e-mail