Decorations add a touch of sparkle

WITH December just around the corner, it really is time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for the perfect festive setting.

Whether it means fetching those nostalgic family treasures from the loft, garage or popping down to the shops there’s no time like the present to get ready.

There’s just a few weeks now until that magical day so why not pick up a few new pieces of tinsel, a pack of colourful baubles or a dazzling star for the top of the tree?

Many places, such as supermarkets, discount stores, home ware retailers and more stock beautiful decorations quite inexpensively, so you really don’t have to spend a lot to make it look amazing.

Why not pick up a bag of chocolate coins and quality wrapped sweets, stick a hook or string on and then hang them on the tree?

It’s not only fun but adds an interactive element to your tree this Christmas time.

Plus, another thing to think about is whether to have a real Christmas tree or a trusty reusable tree which you can get out year after year.

If it’s a real tree you’re after, then keep looking out for them at the garden centres, hardware stores and farms which are sure to be stocking them in soon.

Why stop with decorating just the tree?

Look for inspiration in the garden and snip a few pieces of holly, ivy and festive winter berries which are free, cheap and can be placed on the tops of frames and mantel pieces to give the winter woodland inspired look on a budget.

Now the home is looking lovely, why not pick up some festive scented candles, oil burners and incense sticks to really fill the home with those cosy feeling aromas.

And for that all-important day, don’t forget a table cloth, silky runner and place settings as these can really give your dinning room the wow factor.

Why not wrap a material napkin into a fancy design and place the loop of an ornamental bauble or napkin holder around it?

This will give your diners the restaurant feel but in a cosy and homely atmosphere.

So really get inspired and decorate your home beautifully to achieve that truly festive experience this Christmas.