David Leason Cherry

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The funeral service for David Leason Cherry, aged 69 years, was held at St Mary’s and St Gabriel’s Church in Binbrook.

The service was conducted by Father Trevor Walker and the following mourners attended.

Mathew and Victoria Cherry (son and daughter-in-law); Melissa Cherry (daughter); Annete Darcy; Claire Daniel (niece); Karen Housden (niece); Matthew and Elizabeth Barron; Ian and Susan Smith; Steven Hopkinson (also rep John Cherry, cousin, Martin Cherry); John and Shirley Cherry (second cousin); Ros Cherry; Rab and Heather Fernie; Frank and Susan Stark; Marilyn Thornicroft (rep O P A Lincoln); Mark Thornicroft; Bill Calder; Mo Cockrell; M and W Pearce; Jim and Pauline Thomas; Nick Brook (also rep Amie Joyce); Mick Swallow; Jenny Fenton (also rep Elizabeth Lidster); Liz Conolly; John Robertson; Chris Keywood; Paul Collins; Mike Culliney; Paul and Katie Hiley; George and Mirtle Dorrington; Karen Thompson, (also rep Eric, Mandy and Dave Jenkinson); C and M Wilson (also rep N Twidale and J P Banks); Paul Wilson (also rep Jonathan Wilson); Kevin and Jean Goodhand (also rep Vera Goodhand and family); Mavis Chantry; Sally Osgerby; Will Osgerby; Terry and Elsa Mumby; Frank Bingley; Annette Firth; Denys and Margaret Abba; John Coates; Jan McCarthy; Jennifer Cullen; Barbara Robson; Ann Brown; John Cotton; Rick Martin and Dawn Williams; David Lobley; Roy Chapman; Jen Lyons (also rep Roger Lyons); Sheba Kaiser; Azica Kaiser; Mispha Kaiser; Afica Kaiser-Wilkes; Chris Hodson, Linda Shanton, Barbara Lawton, Colin Jacklin, David Robinson, Walking Group; Diane Stephenson nee Hobson; Michael Hobson; Derek and Ann Howarth; Shirley Wright; Brian and Aine Curran; Roy and Rosemarie O’Conner; Ivan and Carol Pooley; Mick Thorpe and Brian Hunt, Walking Group; Paul Storry; Norman Baron; Chris Crew; Susan and Jessica Hodgson; Julie Shaw; Peter Wright (also rep Gwen Wright); Ron and Beryl Langson; Pam Withers (also rep Kevin Withers); Andrew and Jemma Bell; Alan Douglas; Rebecca Nemeth; Lesley Ormston (rep Larads); Leo and Janet Grant; Brenda Johnson; Sue Skelton; Stephen Harrison; Graham Smith; Marian Nicholls; Jen Carlyon; Rose Read (also rep Barbara Edge and Dave Brumpton; Hugh Stark; Kerry Meafield (also rep Tracey Meehan); Maureen Skelton; Bev Preston (rep Binbrook Parish Council); Frank Preston (rep Caistor and Binbrook Flying Clubs); Dick Marshall; Tony and Margaret Close; Eroline O’Keeffe; Susan Farrelly; James and Angela Doyle; Tom Kavanagh; Frank Finney; Ian and Elaine Clark; Trevor Smith; Nigel Williams; John Brook; Jane Staines, Walking Club; D Jefferies; Pat Armstrong and Denis Smith, Walking Club; Rhona Sheppard; Lesley and Kate Bower; Rachael Cross (also rep Andy and Children); Brian Killick; Nick Barnes Brown (also rep Barnes Brown Family); Pat Pearce, (also rep D Pearce, C and B White and G Dobbs); J and P Stewart; Ken Bottomley (also rep Allison Bottomley); Phil Dawson (also rep Rosie); Alan Jones; Paul Ranshaw; Lynne Maultby; Lesley McCarthy; S A Lilley (also rep Mrs V F Lilley); Mick and Lesley Drew (also rep Drew Family); Dianne Tuckett (rep Queens Hall Management Committee); Ian Burgess; Helen Thompson; Doug Spivey; P J South; Ian Jarvis (also rep Nigel and Ann Huxstep); Pauline Bilby; Mike Cotton (also rep Liz Jefferson); Billy and Kath Wales; Colin and Joyce Beck; Tony Gray.

The family wish to thank all of the above for attending the funeral.

Dave was a cancer survivor and all monies totalling over £400 kindly given in lieu of flowers will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

Funeral arrangements were by Kettle Ltd Louth.