David draws on life experiences for first novel

David Zelder with some of his 'audience at Caistor (Lin)
David Zelder with some of his 'audience at Caistor (Lin)
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Author David Zelder gave an entertaining and humorous talk on focusing on the mechanics of writing and how he draws on his life experiences in a workshop at Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre.

And what a wealth of experience to draw on - including being kidnapped as a child.

Born in Leeds, David has held many top ranking positions in British and American-based companies.

His final full time business role was Chief Executive of a British PLC, which he helped turn round from losing £100,000 per month to making substantial profits. In 2008, he retired to Lincoln to enjoy life with his wife Pauline.

Throughout his career, David has had many articles published and his first novel, ‘Yomping Outside’ is inspired by his observations of life and events while working in troubled areas of the world.

Mike Broster, who attended the workshop, said: “David’s life experiences, especially being kidnapped at gun-point in South Yorkshire aged eleven, helped him to relate to the central character as a trafficked slave.”

In 2011, David won three awards for his writing and he is donating £1 to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund for each copy of his novel that is sold.