Cycle duo raise vital funds

Former Caistor Grammar School student Chris Barrow (left) with cycling companion Mark Ayshford  pictured in Paris.
Former Caistor Grammar School student Chris Barrow (left) with cycling companion Mark Ayshford pictured in Paris.
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A former Caistor student has completed a cross channel charity cycle ride between two of Europe’s most iconic structures.

Ex-Caistor Grammar School pupil Chris Barrow is hoping to raise more than £2,000 for cancer charities after his epic challenge.

The ride took Chris from Marble Arch in London to the Arc De Triomphe in Paris where he finished his ride, exhausted but very proud.

Chris - who was brought 
up in Navigation Lane, 
Caistor, before moving to France to work - rode with friend Mark Ayshford from Somerset.

Chris said: “The initial challenge was from Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe over three days which is the usual charity run.

“But after an exceptionally good training session I suggested to Mark that we should do it over just two days.

“After some hesitation we went for it-and did it.

“Cycling completely 
independently, with no 
back-up van or supplies, was a little unnerving, especially in some of the less desirable areas.”

But Chris said he was pleased he did not give up on the challenge.

He said: “I am ecstatic to have succeeded in my challenge.”

The end of the ride in Paris was definitely the high spot for Chris.

He said: “After frantic 
pedalling involving some 
quite hairy dual carriageways, especially at night, we made 
it to the Arc de Triomphe by 11pm.

“It was seriously 
exhilarating to see Paris by night.”

But there was a slight problem when the pair arrived in the big city.

Chris said: “We were 
greeted by two gendarmes 
telling us that we couldn’t 
park our bikes there.

“After a quick exchange I 
finally convinced them to 
give us a break, seeing as we 
had just cycled from 
London, and he took our 

The pair cycled 477km in 20 hours with an average speed to 23km/h.

They had four meals a 
day including hearty fish and chips on the ferry and a 
considerable quantity of energy bars.

And Chris and Mark had to drink ten litres of fluids every day.

So far they have raised more than 1,000 euros for ‘La Ligue contre le Cancer’ in France.

In the UK, Chris and Mark have raised more than £1,000 in aid of charity Cancer Research UK.

And the cycle mad duo still hope to get in some more sponsorship.

To make a donation visit Chris and Mark’s fundraising webpage at

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